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Obtain a Visitor’s Card

Visitors must complete the procedure to obtain a visitor’s card at the information desk on the first floor.

Visiting Hours

• Public visiting hours are 14:00–19:00.
• Families of patients admitted for tests, surgery, or the like are requested to consult directly with our staff.

Notices for Visitors

• Ensure that your visitor’s card is visible at all times while in the hospital.
• Do not visit in large groups or for extended periods, speak or laugh loudly, or engage in other behaviors likely to disturb other patients.
• Please keep noise to a minimum so that you do not disturb patients who require rest.
• To minimize the risk or accidents or infection, visitors are strongly encouraged to not bring children to the hospital unless absolutely necessary. (Visitors who must bring children are requested to use the lounge.)
• Do not come to the hospital as a visitor if you are feeling unwell.

Restrictions on Items That Can Be Brought to the Hospital

• To prevent infection, flowers are prohibited in Wards 6B (pediatrics) and 11A, the EICU, and the ICU.
• Potted plants are prohibited in other wards.
• Uncooked food is prohibited in Ward 6B (pediatrics), the EICU, and the ICU.


• Smoking is prohibited everywhere on the premises. In order to minimize the nuisance to nearby residents, we also request your understanding of and cooperation with smoking bans in the area surrounding hospital due to concerns over not only the health risks of secondhand smoke but also the danger of fires caused by the careless disposal of cigarette butts.
• Pets are not allowed anywhere on the premises. (Guide, hearing, and service animals for those with physical disabilities are exempt.)
• Visitors are requested not to converse on mobile phones in shared hospital rooms (private rooms are exempt). Mobile phones may be used elsewhere in the hospital, but we ask that you not disturb patients or other visitors.
• Note that there are areas in the hospital where phones and other mobile devices must be turned off to ensure safety. (Public telephones are available in each ward.)