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4-1-22 Hiroo,shibuya-ku,Tokyo






When you use a bus from Shibuya and Ebisu

From JR Shibuya Station East Exit to NISSEKI-IRYO-CENTER-MAE
Toei Bus "Gaku 03"(学03) route (15 minutes from Shibuya Station)

From JR Ebisu Station West Exit to NISSEKI-IRYO-CENTER-MAE
Toei Bus "Gaku 06"(学06) route (10 minutes from Ebisu Station)

By Minato City Community Bus(Chi-Bus)
Aoyama Route (Roppongi Hills to Akasaka Mitsuke Station Direction) Get off at "Nisseki Medical Center"(Japanese Red Cross Medical Center)~ bus stop (Bus Stop No.117-2)

When coming on foot from Tokyo Metro Hiroo Station

A 15-minute walk from Hiroo Station

When coming by taxi or private car

By taxi
10 minutes from JR Shibuya Station East Exit
5 to 10 minutes from JR Ebisu Station West Exit
10 minutes from Tokyo Metro Omote-sando station

By private car (Metropolitan Expressway)
Outbound: From the Takagicho Ramp, turn left at the first intersection (Takagicho).
Inbound: From the Shibuya Ramp, go straight along Roppongi Street.
fter the Aoyama Tunnel, take the street leading in a right oblique direction at the "Shibuya 4" intersection.
Pass the "Higashi 4"intersection.When reaching the end of the street, turn left.

Parking: Accommodates 359 Cars